Semi-Personal Training

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL 50% OFF ONLY $52.50 for 3 semi-personal sessions

(regular price is $35 per session)

Come join us and experience our budget friendly personal training sessions.

Here you get your own personal training program tailored to your goals while sharing the attention from your trainer with a few other clients.

The Semi-Personal Training is custom designed to meet your goals well within your budget. Pro Fitness Network trainers work closely with each client to create an optimum workout based on your age, ability, physical condition and lifestyle.

The reason our Semi-Personal Training is so successful, is that besides being affordable for everyone and offering personal attention – you also work side-by-side with like-minded individuals who have made fitness a priority in their life. Working out along side other people with a similar interests is fun and inspiring.


CALL: (626) 799-7243 or TEXT: (626) 840-7205

OUR TRAINING STUDIO: Equipped with the best and the newest fitness equipment and technology out there, we have everything from different kind of cardio equipment, dumbells, machines, ropes, kettlebells, free motion cable cross, plyo boxes, jc bands, sandbag, medicine balls, slide board, barbells, true stretch cage, tubing, balls, core boards, balance boards, bodybars, body blades, val slides, trx, cable cross and boxing equipment.

BENEFITS: You will feel the immediate health benefits of looking and feeling better, gaining strength, sleeping more soundly and enjoying more energy throughout the day.

HAVE FUN: We want our clients to feel at home in our non-intimidating environment while having fun.