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ONLY $150
for 3 one-on-one personal training sessions!

Personal Trainers at our Pasadena studio:

Our personal trainers tailor each fitness program to your individual needs based on age, physical shape and life style. Our personal trainers will build your program with safety, knowledge and experience and gradually increase your fitness level one step at a time.

YOUR GOALS? Maybe weight loss, flexibility training, to gain muscle mass or strength, post rehabilitation, corrective posture training, strenghten your lower back or knees, general, youth or senior fitness.

OUR TRAINING STUDIO: Equipped with the best and the newest fitness equipment and technology out there, we have everything from different kind of cardio equipment, dumbells, machines, ropes, kettlebells, free motion cable cross, plyo boxes, jc bands, sandbag, medicine balls, slide board, barbells, true stretch cage, tubing, balls, core boards, balance boards, bodybars, body blades, val slides, trx, cable cross and boxing equipment.

BENEFITS: You will feel the immediate health benefits of feeling better, gaining strength, sleeping more soundly and enjoying a consistent level of energy throughout the day.

HAVE FUN: We want our clients to feel at home in our non-intimidating environment while having fun.

OPTIONS:You can choose personal training as a one-on-one service with one of our experienced trainers or choose to train in a partner session with your friend. Either way you will receive plenty of attention towards your goals. We also offer budget friendly semi-personal training in a small group setting.


All our personal training sessions are one hour.

Personal Trainer in Gym
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