Viking of the Month June 2017 – Meet Dior!

June’s Viking of the Month is Dior! She is a Pilates client with Katina Weaver and definitely shows the characteristics of a true Pro Fitness Viking! Congratulations, Dior! We asked her a few questions about her fitness and experience at Pro Fitness Network…


Why is physical fitness important to you?

In my mid 40’s I discovered I have several back issues.  I was in chronic pain for a few years and during that time was unable to exercise… I gained a lot of weight which compounded the problem. A friend introduced me to mat Pilates, which then lead me to look for a Pilates class and I found Pro Fitness. Fitness is important to me because as I am getting older, my body is needing more attention. It takes more work to keep myself healthy and I need to be able to exercise is a way that does not further injure my back.

Why is Pro Fitness your favorite place to achieve that fitness?

Katina!  She is beyond amazing.  I have been taking classes with her for over a year now and I cannot believe the difference. I have not lost much weight, however, I have found that I do have a core :) And I am building strength in my back in a healthy way. The classes are fabulous. I not only get a fantastic physical work out but I also get to do so in a positive environment with great people. Good conversation, laughter, support are just side benefits to the classes. I look forward to each class — even though the classes can be hard, I always leave feeling revived both physically and mentally.

I also love KDW apparel (Katina’s line of Pilates & Activewear)- just another added benefit – I do not have to go any where to shop for my work out clothes — they fit great, feel good and are fashionable. I am turning 50 this year and am doing my best to get healthy.  I really wasn’t sure how this class would go when I signed up but it has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done.  I now take two classes a week and love them!  I am getting my body in better shape and making wonderful friends along the way.  Who could ask for more?