Obesity in Kids

Obesity in children is becoming more and more prevalent.  The number of obese children under the age of 11 has increased from 4 percent to 16 percent since 1974.  The largest cause of obesity is the lack of exercise in children.  As children get older, health problems are associated with those who are inactive. 

Parents can help children avoid obesity and the psychological risks from being overweight.  Set your children up on a regular exercise program–and make it fun!

Great activities for children are swimming, rock climbing, hiking, running, boxing, and canoeing.  These can all be made fun–Children may not even realize that they are exercising!  Instead of “running”, children can simply play a game of tag, catch, or play soccer.  Just get your kids’ hearts beating and get them to sweat a little bit.

Obese children are also proven to be more depressed than children who are in shape.  Cardiovascular activities can heighten children’s’ moods.  Many things contribute to your child’s life: exercise, a great diet, healthy relationships, staying active, and LAUGHING.