Learn Why It’s Healthy to Cook Like an Italian!

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Acupuncture Benefits for Men
Massage Therapy for Men
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$10 Off of Your First Massage
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The Importance of Massage:
Muscles under strain, such as stress or exercise, can bein to become “sticky”, causing pain and limiting their ablity to perform optimally.  Massage is one of the only techniques which will restore them to their proper performance.  Regular massages will enhance and increase the effectiveness of the athlete’s workout.
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50% Off of Your First
Acupuncture Treatment
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Acupuncture can be used to treat any sort of pain, whether it be a headache, backache, neck pain, anxiety, stress, or gastrointestinal disorders; acupuncture can even help you quit smoking or lose weight.
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3 Calorie-Counting Rules for Weight Loss


1.  Determine How Many Calories You Should Eat: How many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight depends on factors such as your gender, age, height, weight, and activity level.
2. Count How Many Calories You Actually Eat and Burn: You can easily cut 500 calories by making small diet and exercise changes throughout your day.  Drink water instead of juice, have hummus instead of chips, swap creamy dressings for fat-free dressings, and get out for a walk.
3. Get Portion Savvy: Even if you can’t or don’t want to tally the calories you eat at every single meal or snack, adopting this little portion control tips can help you consume fewer calories without trying too hard.
Don’t eat out of the container but measure a serving size or whatever you’re snacking on and put it on a plate.  Use smaller plates to trick your mind into thinking that you have more food.  Spoil your appetite with nutritious food.  Try eating celery sticks with peanut butter fan hour before meal time.  You’ll eat less at a meal and feel more satisfied later.

Carina Weston

Did You Know…italian food

You SHOULD cook like an Italian.  Use MUFA-rich olive oil in your food prep whenever possible.  The heart-healthy fat lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol and raises “good” HDL cholesterol.  Bonus: Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants, which may help reduce the rich of cancer and other chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s.  Use olive oil instead of butter or margarine at the dinner table, drizzle it on salads, and use it to replace vegetable oils in baking wherever possible.

Quick Tip…

Buy only cold-pressed, extra-virgin oil; it retains more of the olive’s heart-healthy antioxidants than other forms.

Julia Morichelli

Acupuncture May Trigger Natural Painkiller

weight lossThe needle pricks involved in acupuncture may help relieve pain by triggering a natural painkilling chemical called adenosine.  Adenosine levels in tissue near the needle insertion points is 24 times great after an acupuncture treatment.

When adenosine is activated in the same tissue areas without applying acupuncture the reduction of discomfort and pain is similar, which strongly suggests that adenosine is the magic behind the method.  In experiments with deoxycoformycin, which is known to impede adenosine removal from the body, the researchers said the drug almost tripled the amount of adenosine in the targeted muscles and more than tripled the amount of time that one experiences pain relief.

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Massage Benefits Before & After Exercise

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During an intense workout, the human body undergoes all sorts of different processes.  It is inevitable that the body gets “beat up” during exercise.  That’s where protein and massages come into play.  Protein helps build and repair the broken down tissue from the intense workout.  Massages do not affect muscle strength, but they have been proven to optimize recovery.

A pre-exercise massage is a useful way to increase or decrease the stimulation or nerve cells, thus keeping the ligaments, tendons, and muscles loose and flexible.  Blood circulation is enhanced during a massage as well.
A post-exercise massage is extremely beneficial by allowing the mind and body to relax.  It also improves recovery time by allowing the byproducts from the metabolism to be carried away from the muscles more efficiently.  Post-exercise massage can speed up recovery time twice as fast as regular rest, mainly due to the improved blood flow and nutrient distribution.

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