Kettle bells

To kick up the intensity of your workout, use a kettlebell. The iron bell is more unstable than a traditional dumbbell, so you’ll need to work harder to control it. To safely do this move, you’ll need plenty of space.

1Holding a kettle bell in your left hand, stand with your feet staggered, right foot in front of your left, about 2 1/2 feet apart. Bend your right knee, right hand resting on your right thigh. Lean forward at a 45-degree angle. Begin with your left hand below shoulder level.

2On an inhale, keep your weight shifted over your right leg as you rotate your torso to the left, raising the kettlebell above your left shoulder. Check that your left arm is still straight. Pause at the top and slowly lower the kettle bell to the start position. Repeat three to six times. Be sure to use control throughout the exercise so you avoid overswinging.