How Do You Choose A Fitness Training Program?


Many people choose training programs by default.

They sign up for the gym, because that’s what they’ve been told will help them manage their weight, or help them to feel better physically. After a few weeks, they’re bored, or just plain dread going there a few times a week, so they make excuses and stop showing up.

The key to choosing what you want to do in caring for your body is to understand what you need before committing to something, that just doesn’t suit you.

If you actually love what you do for fitness, it doesn’t become a burden or something you just do to burn calories. It becomes part of your life and lifestyle.

How do you get clear on what would work for you?

Here are a few ways to set you in the right direction:

The first items to explore are what your goal is in having a fitness routine?

Is it to lose weight, gain strength, flexibility, have aerobic fitness, build muscles, eat what you want or something else? Write down what your reasons are for wanting a workout program. Be clear about your ongoing and ultimate goal. Separate the goal from all the fears around you not being able to sustain your choice in programs.

Once you have the goal in mind…

The second item is to look at how this would be best accomplished.

Look in and out of the gym for activities, and write down all the options available to achieve your goal.

The third item is to ask yourself how much time you want to give, what activities from this list sound fun, what type of environment suits your personality and how much structure you need to stick with the program?

This question is important, in being honest with your self-evaluation you will know your interests. There is no reason to do something you don’t like, there are so many options available that you are bound to find a routine that will feel good to you. When you choose exercise, which fits your lifestyle and seems fun to you, it is much easier to stick to and frankly, even if it is not a 90 minute Zumba class, it’s better than starting something and quitting after a few weeks.

Fourth on this list is to try the routine out.

Go do some of the activities that interest you, see how they feel. Do you enjoy the experience and could you do this often? Can it fit in your lifestyle? Really get clear on what you personally enjoy, for some of us we want an experience that would give us our ‘alone’ time and for others of us, we want to be part of a group or a class.

Figure out what feels right and start incorporating it into your life regularly. It is much easier to stay committed to something we enjoy and that gives us the benefit of working toward our goals.