Exercise Outside For Added Benefits!

There’s a benefit to any exercise you do.

If you certain activities outside, you can compound some of those healthful benefits. According to a past article in the New York Times, “outdoor exercise tends to be more strenuous than the indoor version.” This of course doesn’t apply to all forms of exercise, but more so to those, with origins that began outside the gym doors.

Running. When you run outside you flex your ankles more, than when you run on a treadmill. On indoor equipment there’s really nothing, which mimics running downhill. Running up, down or on level ground utilizes your muscles differently and if the terrain varies, say you take a trail, run on asphalt or grass, your energy demands are greater too.

Bicycling. There’s no wind in a gym, so the drag you get from the wind outdoors can give you a heartier workout than riding the same distance on a stationary bike. This means you will burn more calories and gain more fitness.

Walking. Being outdoors is more enjoyable to most people. In some psychological tests, individuals scored quite a bit higher in self esteem and in the areas of having more enthusiasm, and pleasure. They also scored lower for stress, depression and fatigue after taking a stroll outside.

So in addition to your fitness regime, you may want to consider taking your aerobic exercise outside, when it suits you.