Strength Training + Massage = Healing!

Strength Training + Massage = Healing! helping her in healing a shoulder injury. We love to hear our client success stories! Has Pro Fitness improved your health and well-being too? Tell us more!

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Brown Bag it: Healthy Packed Lunches!


Eat better – and save money too! Try these healthy lunch ideas from Cooking Light Magazine that you can make in 10 minutes and feel good about eating.

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Pro Fitness New Client Specials – Forward this Page to a Friend!

We have several new client specials at Pro Fitness Network. Share this email with a friend to invite them to start their fitness and wellness journey with us!


Massage: $10 off! Only $65. Regular Price $75
Pilates: Only $150 for 3 one-on-one sessions. Regular price $210.
Semi-personal training: 50% off: Only $52.50 for 3 semi-personal training sessions. Regular price $105.


Specials are for new clients only, one time offer.


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On Tuesdays We Wear Turquoise!


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Why Don’t More Women See Fitness as Key to Wellness?

Fascinating article about women and wellness challenges. “According to Everyday Health’s Special Report: State of Women’s Wellness 2017, [only!] 21 percent of those surveyed cited fitness as a factor that positively affects their personal wellness. This suggests that many women either aren’t sure how fitness can practically improve their lives, or how to effectively make it part of their wellness routine.”women-and-fitness-722x406

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Happy New Year from Pro Fitness Network!


May your 2018 be a period of magnificent transformation! We look forward to being a part of your year of wellness and fitness!

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