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What is Myofascial Release?

Trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create Myofascial restrictions that can produce muscle or sinew related pain.  Myofascial Release applies gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial (muscle/sinew) connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion.

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How many times have you heard someone say they are doing a walking program, but they’re not seeing any changes in their body? If you do the same old thing, you’re going to get the same old results. Here are seven smart steps to step up your program so you can burn that fat.

Exercise physiologist Jason Karp said the first thing is to increase the intensity.

“Instead of just taking a nice stroll in the park on a sunny afternoon, they can mix periods of easy walk with periods of harder walk, and they’re going to rev their metabolism and get a lot more out of it,” Karp said.

Karp is a fan of interval training, utilizing small bouts of increased effort through walking or running with your standard program, but he cautions not to jump out of the gate too fast. He said for a person who has gone 40 years without running, the best way to start is to mix walking and running.

“So maybe they walk for five minutes and run for a minute and walk for five minutes and run for a minute,” Karp said. Over time, decrease walk time and increase run time to see results.

Personal trainer Julia Morichelli says you can also integrate by having a jump rope with you.

“If you see a boxer run, they always have jump ropes with them, and they jump rope in between,” she said. Morichelli is a fan of fitness toys to train the brain and the body. Along with jump rope, move to music as studies show we work harder and longer with tunes we love.

You can also pack a pedometer to monitor steps taken, and then challenge yourself.

“If yesterday you took 2,000 steps, try to increase it by just 500 steps,” Morichelli said.

Exercise tubing is also easy to tote, and it’s good for muscle conditioning during intervals to rev up the system. “The more muscles that you use during the workout, the more calories you’re going to burn and ultimately the more fat you’re going to lose,” Karp said.

And don’t discount those funny looking Nordic Poles that burn on average 20 percent more calories along with creating more movement.

“A lot of times putting that pole is forcing us into spinal rotation, and that’s probably the most important thing,” Morichelli said.

Where you walk and the way you walk also makes a difference. Morichelli suggests walking at the beach one day if you can, then at the mountains another day.

Then be mindful of rolling from heel all the way through to your toe with an exaggerated effort to get your glutes engaged, which can help take stress off your knees.

“When you’re pushing off the heel, you’re going to engage the glute — more than the fancy schmancy funny sneakers out there,” Morichelli said.

Finally, remember that you have to up your game periodically, and be progressive in your approach.

“We become much more efficient with the activity, so that’s why some people don’t see results because they do the same thing over and over and over again for month after month after month,” Karp said.

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The Importance of Massage:
Muscles under strain, such as stress or exercise, can bein to become “sticky”, causing pain and limiting their ablity to perform optimally.  Massage is one of the only techniques which will restore them to their proper performance.  Regular massages will enhance and increase the effectiveness of the athlete’s workout.
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Acupuncture can be used to treat any sort of pain, whether it be a headache, backache, neck pain, anxiety, stress, or gastrointestinal disorders; acupuncture can even help you quit smoking or lose weight.
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Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

couples workout

1. Dark Chocolate Fondue for Two: Skip the boxes of chocolates and make your valentine some dark chocolate fondue.  Packed with flavonoids, the dark stuff helps prevent heart disease and lowers blood pressure.  Melt some chocolate and dig in with fresh fruit.
2. A Heartfelt Workout Mix: Surprise your sweetheart by uploading a new workout mix to his or her iPod.  Choose upbeat, romantic songs with significance that will get the heart rate up while also playing sweet tribute to your relationship.
3. A Massage: Here’s an indulgence that won’t pack on the pounds.  A relaxing massage can relieve stress and lower blood pressure.  Release stress by giving your partner the gift of a great massage.
4. Heart Healthy Custom-Made Granola: Use an online service like MixMyGranola to design a custom-made granola for your significant other.  Choose from 79 different ingredients, and for a fun touch, choose heart-healthy options like cherries and almonds.
5. A Workout Date: There is nothing better than a great workout.  Exercise can be great for bonding and catching up with one another’s lives.  You will spend quality time together while encouraging one another and creating a deeper bond.

Carina Weston

Did You Know…cardio

Muscle burns 35 to 50 calories per pound, per day.  Although cardio sessions turn up the heat and burn big-time calories, lifting weights helps you build calorie-burning lean muscle, says Jeffrey Garber, M.D.  With more lean muscle, you extend the burn to when you’re just sitting at your desk or driving in the car.  Just adding 5lbs of muscle can help you lose 24 pounds in one year!

Quick Tip…

Add weight bearing exercises to your workouts three times per week.  It does not have to be a hardcore all out training session; just challenging.  You will see toning results like you have never experienced before.

Julia Morichelli

Acupuncture acupuncture and arthritis

Many common health conditions can be effectively treated by acupuncture because it is safe, effective and has few side-effects.  These conditions include insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, gastrointestinal and digestive problems, addictions, allergies, sinusitis, headaches and migraines, skin disorders, colds and influenza, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal injuries, back, hip, and joint pain, along with more seroius health conditions like a stroke.  Women’s health, menstrual irregularities, menopausal issues, and infertility can also be approached from a holistic perspective, using acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Dorothy Low L.Ac, Dipl.OM.

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New to Pilates?

pfn pilates

Walking into a Pilates studio for the first time can be intimidating.  Not to worry, Pilates is a very professional, client centered practice.  A friendly knowledgable instructor will greet you and make you feel right at home.

What to bring to a Pilates class: You won’t need much.  Equipment, towels, and water are provided.

What to wear to a Pilates class: There are a few things to consider when dressing for a Pilates class.  First, make sure your clothes give enough to let you move and stretch fully.  Pilates is done barefoot, so no footwear is needed.

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Massage Benefits Are More

Than Skin Deep:

Does a good massage do more than just relax your muscles?  To find out, researches at Cedars-Sanai Medical Center recruited 29 healthy adults and assigned them to an hour session of deep-tissure massage.

To their surprise, researches found that a single session of massage caused biological changes.  Those who received deep tissue massage experienced significant decreases in levels of the stress hormone cortisol in blood and saliva.  They also experienced a decrease in the level of arginine vasopressin, which is a hormone that can lead to increases in cortisol.

Participants had increases in the number of lymphcytes, white blood cells that are part of the immune system.  The lead author, Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport, chairman of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at Cedars-Sinai, said the findings were “very, very intriguing and very, very exciting—and I’m a skeptic.”

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Webster’s Community Pharmacy
websters2Michael and Meredith Miller, former owners of Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain, are at it again!

The duo have a flair for revitalizing community drug stores and are now in the process of bringing Webster’s Pharmacy back to its glory days.

There are already great greeting cards, gifts, jewelry and fashion accessories to purchase.  Stop in and visit us–we’ve missed you!

2450 N. Lake Avenue
Altadena, CA 91001

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If you’re like most of us, you were taught the importance of warm-up exercises back in grade school, and you’ve likely continued with pretty much the same routine ever since. Science, however, has moved on. Researchers now believe that some of the more entrenched elements of many athletes’ warm-up regimens are not only a waste of time but actually bad for you. The old presumption that holding a stretch for 20 to 30 seconds – known as static stretching – primes muscles for a workout is dead wrong. It actually weakens them.

In a recent study conducted at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, athletes generated less force from their leg muscles after static stretching than they did after not stretching at all. Other studies have found that this stretching decreases muscle strength by as much as 30 percent. Also, stretching one leg’s muscles can reduce strength in the other leg as well, probably because the central nervous system rebels against the movements.

Controversy remains about the extent to which dynamic warm-ups prevent injury. But studies have been increasingly clear that static stretching alone before exercise does little or nothing to help. The largest study has been done on military recruits; results showed that an almost equal number of subjects developed lower-limb injuries (shin splints, stress fractures, etc.), regardless of whether they had performed static stretches before training sessions.

A major study published earlier this year by the Centers for Disease Control, on the other hand, found that knee injuries were cut nearly in half among female collegiate soccer players who followed a warm-up program that included both dynamic warm-up exercises and static stretching. (For a sample routine, visit And in golf, new research by Andrea Fradkin, an assistant professor of exercise science at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, suggests that those who warm up are nine times less likely to be injured.


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Simple gestures, like opening a door for someone or allowing a fellow motorist in front of your vehicle, can reap great internal rewards, according to research. In two separate studies involving nearly 300 people, Japanese researchers correlated acts of kindness by study participants with feelings of happiness.  The more frequently the kindness to others, the more the participants reported their a significant increase in their own feelings of emotional well-being.
– from The Doctors’ 5-Minute Health Fixes: The Prescription for a Lifetime of Great Health, (Rodale Books)

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When German researchers gathered middle-aged test subjects for a study, one group sedentary and the other hardy athletes who ran an average of 50 miles per week , one aspect was “striking,” noted Dr. Christian Werner, an internal-medicine resident at Saarland University Clinic in Homburg.  The middle-aged athletes “looked much younger” than their sedentary peers.

The  insides of their test subjects may hold a clue as to why.  The cells of the sedentary group showed signs of aging, while the cells of the middle-aged athletes were comparable – with a mere 10 percent difference – to those of athletes decades younger.   The study’s findings are congruent with the results of  a separate study by  Thomas LaRocca, a Ph.D. candidate in the department of integrative physiology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, who found that the fitter a person was in middle age or onward, the younger their cells.   According to Dr. Werner, exercise “at the molecular level has an anti-aging effect.”

-Courtesy of the New York Times

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