Nutritious Ways

One of the biggest limiting factors preventing people from achieving their goals is “time.” This single limiting factor is often just a minor speed bump that can be easily by passed or run over. Nutrition is 80% of all fitness goals and when you get your nutrition to work for you, you will sleep better, play harder, recover faster, resist illnesses, and feel better.

Cook in larger quantities – Whether you are cooking some grass-fed beef or making a vegetable stir fry, you will save yourself time and effort if you cook more than one serving at a time. Some people make all their lunches for the week on Sunday, or even make 2 extra servings at dinner for lunch the following day. Almost anything can be stored and eaten the next day or put things in the freezer for later in the week.

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Natural Fiber

Did you know…..Of all of the fruits we eat, apples are the best source of pectin, a natural fiber that has several health benefits. Apples also contain phytochemicals, quercetin, tannins, and antioxidants, all of which have different health benefits. Here’s five the top five reasons to make them a part of your diet.

Apples improve the bowels.
Apples lower cholesterol.
Apples reduce the risk of cancer.
Apples slow the aging process.
Apples help to prevent hair loss.

Quick Tip…. Have some peanut butter on your apple to help with protein and satiety!

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