The Importance of Warming Up

Cardio warm up time! We start all our workouts with a few minutes warming up. The warm-up prepares the body by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation, loosening the joints, and increasing blood flow to the muscles. The most important reason for doing a warm up is to prevent injury during exercise!

cardio warmup 2017

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Semi-Personal Training @ Pro Fitness Network!

Working hard in the studio! Playing with all the toys: the Vipr, kettle bells, Bosu, and resistance band.

 semi personal collage Sept 2017

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Resistance Training During Pregnancy

A study in the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s Strength and Conditioning Journal shows just how beneficial supervised resistance training during pregnancy can be for both the expectant mother AND her baby. (Consult your OB/GYN!)


Here’s a Pro Fitness semi personal training client at 34 weeks and glowing!! Prenatal #exercise/#strengthtraining has so many benefits for mom AND #baby!


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Pro Fitness Network Personal Training, Semi Personal Training, & Pilates

Pro Fitness Network offers Pilates, semi-personal training, and personal training. Regardless of which you choose, your program is always customized to maximize results for your body, your needs, your time and your money! We also offer therapeutic massage to help when your body is sore or in pain.

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“No Equipment? No Excuses!” Workout

Watch the Pro Fitness Network No Equipment? No Excuses circuit workout. 1 min jumping jacks ~ 1 min bicycle crunches ~ 1 min squats ~ 1 min plank ~ 1 min wall sit. Repeat x3! Great for travel, home, vacation, or any day!


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Viking of the Month June 2017 – Meet Dior!

June’s Viking of the Month is Dior! She is a Pilates client with Katina Weaver and definitely shows the characteristics of a true Pro Fitness Viking! Congratulations, Dior! We asked her a few questions about her fitness and experience at Pro Fitness Network…


Why is physical fitness important to you?

In my mid 40’s I discovered I have several back issues.  I was in chronic pain for a few years and during that time was unable to exercise… I gained a lot of weight which compounded the problem. A friend introduced me to mat Pilates, which then lead me to look for a Pilates class and I found Pro Fitness. Fitness is important to me because as I am getting older, my body is needing more attention. It takes more work to keep myself healthy and I need to be able to exercise is a way that does not further injure my back.

Why is Pro Fitness your favorite place to achieve that fitness?

Katina!  She is beyond amazing.  I have been taking classes with her for over a year now and I cannot believe the difference. I have not lost much weight, however, I have found that I do have a core :) And I am building strength in my back in a healthy way. The classes are fabulous. I not only get a fantastic physical work out but I also get to do so in a positive environment with great people. Good conversation, laughter, support are just side benefits to the classes. I look forward to each class — even though the classes can be hard, I always leave feeling revived both physically and mentally.

I also love KDW apparel (Katina’s line of Pilates & Activewear)- just another added benefit – I do not have to go any where to shop for my work out clothes — they fit great, feel good and are fashionable. I am turning 50 this year and am doing my best to get healthy.  I really wasn’t sure how this class would go when I signed up but it has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done.  I now take two classes a week and love them!  I am getting my body in better shape and making wonderful friends along the way.  Who could ask for more?

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