Best Anti-Aging Remedy: Exercise

When German researchers gathered middle-aged test subjects for a study, one group sedentary and the other hardy athletes who ran an average of 50 miles per week , one aspect was “striking,” noted Dr. Christian Werner, an internal-medicine resident at Saarland University Clinic in Homburg.  The middle-aged athletes “looked much younger” than their sedentary peers.

The  insides of their test subjects may hold a clue as to why.  The cells of the sedentary group showed signs of aging, while the cells of the middle-aged athletes were comparable – with a mere 10 percent difference – to those of athletes decades younger.   The study’s findings are congruent with the results of  a separate study by  Thomas LaRocca, a Ph.D. candidate in the department of integrative physiology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, who found that the fitter a person was in middle age or onward, the younger their cells.   According to Dr. Werner, exercise “at the molecular level has an anti-aging effect.”

-Courtesy of the New York Times