DID YOU KNOW…Over 80% of women forgo strength-training?  If you’re one of them, it may be one of the reasons your scale is stuck. You’ve probably heard that strength-training can boost metabolism, but here’s something you may not know: People who pair aerobic and resistance training eat less—  as much as 517 fewer calories a day less, than those who do only cardio. The combination may increase satiety hormones more and boost the body’s ability to break down food and stabilize blood sugar, so you feel full longer, says author Brandon S. Shaw, PhD.

QUICK TIP…Add weight training 3 times a week and you could lose up to 12.5 pounds in a year!

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This spring, CNBC reported that Pilates is the nation’s fastest-growing activity, with 8.6 million participants, up more than 450% since 2000, based on the most recent report from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (Rovell 2010).

In reality, participation may have peaked mid-decade (American Sports Data Inc. reported 10.5 million participants in 2004), but clearly Pilates has staying power. The 2010 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends report found that Pilates continues to grow while several other mind-body formats are declining. The American College of Sports Medicine ranked Pilates in its top 10 trends for 2010, along with two close cousins, core training and functional fitness.

Experts believe Pilates is likely to become increasingly popular as a cross-training tool. We see more athletes, performers and weekend warriors looking for Pilates as a cross-training method to complement their other fitness activities. No one method ‘does it all.’ Pilates is a major piece of the fitness puzzle, but it’s not the whole puzzle.

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Sports massage was designed for athletes, but is useful for anyone with chronic pain, injury or range-of-motion issues. Sports massage was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.

But you don’t have to be in the Olympics to benefit from sports massage. Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion. The massage therapist generally concentrates on a specific problem area.

Sports massage is a type of massage that stimulates circulation of blood and lymph fluids. Our sports massage also use trigger point therapy to break down adhesions (knots in the muscles) and increase range of motion.
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THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN: A client who started Pilates training with me in six weeks ago has a problem on her hands – albeit one that many of our Pilates clients tend to have.  After just a few weeks of training two to three times a week, a dress that she had purchased to attend a special event later this month was too large.  Like many Pilates clients, she did not drastically drop weight, but she firmed up from the inside. She dutifully chose another dress, but that dress, too, now no longer fits. She is now on her third or fourth dress, and with the event a few weeks away, she needs to get accustomed to shopping for clothes to fit her shrinking frame.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m sure this doesn’t come as news to most of you, but understanding how breakfast earned this title may help inspire even the most sleep deprived to get up in time so as not to miss it.
After being in a fasted state all night, your metabolism is very slow when you first wake up.  Breakfast, within those first 15 minutes of rising, gets your metabolism back up and gives you a boost of energy to start the day.
Research has found that people that eat a well-balanced breakfast have greater success losing body fat and maintaining it when compared to those who skip breakfast.  Research has also found that people who consume whole grains like oatmeal or Ezekiel bread instead of processed cereals and breads have a lower risk of heart disease.
Also, having a breakfast containing good quality sources of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats can boost immunity.

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