5 Easy Ways to Get Better Nutrition

1.) One of the biggest limiting factors preventing people from achieving their goals is “time.” This single limiting factor is often just a minor speed bump that can be easily by passed or run over. Nutrition is 80% of all fitness goals and when you get your nutrition to work for you, you will sleep better, play harder, recover faster, resist illnesses, and feel better.

2.) Eat at least one third of your food raw – There are many valuable and sensitive micronutrients that can be destroyed or rendered inactive if heated or cooked. Juicing vegetables is a great way to get one third of your diet from raw foods but you must set aside time to do this as it takes time. One important note about juicing, once you juice a fruit or vegetable it should be consumed within ten minutes to gain the most amount of benefit from the nutrients.
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3.) Prepare your lunch the night before – The morning can be a hectic and stressing time of the day, so why risk being late or any added stress by trying to figure out lunch and prepare it in the morning? It is much easier to eat healthier if you grab a ready-made lunch on your way out the door. This single step will save you time, money, and pounds on the scale.

4.) Eat the most nutritious foods you can -Eat foods that will give you “more bang for your buck.” Choose foods that have the most nutrient density and the least calorie density. Foods like organic vegetables, grass-fed meat, chlorella, fish oil (liquid is better than capsules), and fresh, clean water. Don’t waste time, energy, and money on consuming nutrition-void junk foods or sugary drinks.

5.) Prioritize your health – If you are healthy it is easy to take your body for granted. For those that are sick, they realize just how important their health is. Don’t wait till you’re sick to realize that health is the most important aspect of life. You must protect your body like a valuable possession, not with insurance and lock and key, but by being proactive and focusing on being as healthy and fit as you can every day. This will help to fortify your body with nutrients, supplements (go to Eiyo Nutrition to learn details), prevent disease, and keep you strong.

These 5 steps will help you overcome your limiting factors to take control of your health and live a more nutritious life. Don’t let time get in the way of your health and happiness. Use these 5 steps today and memorize them, your health and body will be glad