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“Love this place! I have been working out at Pro Fitness for several months and HIGHLY recommend the group training with Carina. A great workout and FUN too! For the first time I am really looking forward to working out each time, and the difference this training has made in my body tells the true story. I am stronger, fitter, and more energetic and balanced than I have been in years. I can also enthusiastically recommend Vanessa (massage therapist) and Dorothy (acupuncturist) who are also affiliated with the Pro Fitness Network. Vanessa is so intuitive and skilled at releasing body tension and Dorothy is very caring and professional and will do whatever it takes to help heal her clients. But then again, everyone I have met through Pro Fitness has been wonderful. Trainers, massage therapists, not to mention my fellow clients! It is a great atmosphere to be a part of. Call Carina now, you won’t regret it!”
Sarah Emery Bunn

I have been working out with Carina twice a week for a year now. woohoo! The result is unbelievable and amazing. Before working out with Pro fitness, I was working out at local gym by taking step classes and yoga classes. I wasn’t overweight, but I had injure in my knee, and I felt I wasn’t in my best shape I could be. Joining pro fitness is the best gift I can give to myself. After first session with Carina, I was sore and could barely move, but as time goes on, I can now do regular push up without losing my breathe. My knee also recovered as perfect as it could be.  Carina is very good at switching up exercises to achieve the best result for each individuals, rotating from TRX, weight training, to Pilates; I would highly recommend the semi-personal training session for anyone with limited budget, which is the best value for the best result. Of course, pro fitness also provides personal training, Pilates, professional massage and acupuncture services.  It’s one-stop shop to better fitness!
Chris Y. (Yelp Review)

Being new to the newest techniques of working out with my home gym, I tried a few workout sessons with Carina and asked a thousand questions. She was patient and full of great information. I’ve been very happy with the results and definitely recommend Pro Fitness Network for every type of fitness goal.
Lawrence Z. (Yelp Review)

Pro Fitness Network is a great place to get the personal fitness attention that you deserve for a great price. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and understanding of any concerns, weaknesses and fitness levels you have. When I thought my fitness ability was pretty good, Carina worked with me and applied fitness techniques and challenged me and gave me my hardest workout yet! Recently I went to Gary for a therapeutic massage, he worked with my injury, plus gave me great advice to take home. I highly recommend Pro Fitness Network for all your fitness needs.
Lauren Moulton (Google Review)

Pro Fitness Network is a great place to work out and have a great time. Carina Weston is the owner and my personal trainer. She is amazing! During her semi-personal training sessions she is able to work you out with cardio, abs/core and muscle work out with varying it up from day to day. I have been seeing Carina for about 5 years and I receive compliments on my fitness and I always say Carina at Pro Fitness Network Pasadena. I would highly recommend everyone to her and her team as they are personable, friendly and truly dedicated to helping you obtain the results you desire.
Josette Wolf (Google Review)

The mere fact that I have been with Carina for over 12 years must speak for the awesome individual, business owner, and trainer that Carina is. I could not imagine my life without her support. Turning 62 years is a difficult concept to accept; however, the physical and mental endurance and strength that Carina has taught me is completely indescribable. She cares about me–pushes me on those “difficult” days–is always on her toes to further challenge me—is an incredible support group–and has opened up an entirely new network of how to attain “wellness” in body, soul, and mind!  Carina is the best and has and continues to be a “must” in my life! Thank you, Carina, for helping me take care of myself and teaching me how to accept challenges!
Manon Hayward (Google Review)

If you are looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Vikki Lane at Pro Fitness Network. She is the PERFECT combination in a trainer. Friendly, happy, energetic and patient. She really pays attention to what’s working and not working within the work out. She keeps the workouts fresh by continuously inserting new exercises. They are still working all the same muscles, but if feels new and is a great way to stay motivated. I highly recommend her. his is a private gym and studio. It’s you and your trainer. I can’t possibly think of a better way to work out!
Whitney Max

I began working out with Carina Weston in her semi-personal training about 3 years ago. She has really helped me to get back in shape. In the past, I was good about exercising and was a runner. But a year-long bout with cancer set my fitness level back to zero. I felt sluggish and completely unmotivated. I couldn’t seem to stick to the Programs I started. But when I found Carina, it immediately clicked. Knowing that I have paid in advance and that I have an appointment with Carina helps me stick with it. But also, Carina is fun and cheerful and makes fitness easy. She’s created an environment where you can effortlessly make new friends and get peer-support for being healthier. It’s just a great group of people that go here. At this point, I not only work out with Carina three days a week, but I have started a walking club at work, and I am running again too. I am feeling good, and strong, and ready for a healthy future.
Rachel S.

I began working out with Carina Weston at Pro Fitness in November 2007 with the intention of losing weight and toning my body for my October 2008 wedding. My wedding has come and gone and I am still training twice a week with her because I love it!

Semi-personal training has been the answer to my workout routine. You get the benefits of Carina’s knowledge as a trainer at a more affordable price than personal training. Pro Fitness is filled with delightful people that are encouraging and motivating. The studio is intimate, clean and newly remodeled. Carina is attentive to my needs and abilities and adapts each workout to fit my goals. I highly recommend Pro Fitness. Thank you Carina!
Maren Heideman Weight loss reviewer 

Carina Weston is an outstanding Personal Trainer, and an absolutely delightful human being. She has both a deep and broad grasp of her craft, and she is incredibly skilled at working with a wide variety of clients with varying capabilities. One of her most admirable traits is her care and patience in dealing with people that have physical limitations and injuries. She will invest the time to understand each individual’s unique circumstances, and then structure a goal-oriented program that works around these issues. Her gym, Pro Fitness, is well run, well equipped, and a pleasant environment to train in. I cannot say enough nice things about her. Carina, is hands-down one of the most delightful people I have ever met. She is always positive, warm, caring, dedicated to pleasing her clients, and a joy to spend time with. She truly makes working out a pleasant experience.
Gary Kaplan at GKA Search.com 

I love working with Carina. She is a very hard worker and very Professional. It would not be a stretch to say that she “kicked my butt”, but that’s what we pay her for!! I have been working with Carina for years and am always pleased to recommend her and her wonderful company. She is always looking for what the clients need and want. She has an incredible variety of fitness choices, so you are never bored! Carina’s facility has a wonderful atmosphere about it, along with everyone that works there.”
Theresa Deliberto, JustLikeFamilyCares.com 

I started with Pro Fitness network in April of 2008 at 238 pounds and out of shape. I am 71 years old and have a history of back surgery and serious illness 10 years ago which resulted in 4 years on disability. I returned to work in 2002 and in November 2007, on my 70th birthday, I started a law partnership in Pasadena with long time colleague as a partner. By April 2008 I decided that I had to make one more effort to lose weight and deal with my physical limitations if I was going to be able to practice for many more years as I plan to do. I came to Pro Fitness Network and had the great good fortune to be connected with Jeri Gillis as my personal trainer and Julia Morichelli as nutritionist. I started with the Bodybugg program for weight loss. Jeri and I worked on my specific problem areas in addition to general fitness, particularly balance, and she has kept me motivated though all the ups and downs as we tried to work out a program that would increase my fitness and help my weight loss while not setting off my tricky back. At one point I had some back problems and had to lay off the workouts for a while to let it recover. During that period I added Nora Stewart as a massage therapist and she and Jeri worked together to discover what the muscle problems were that were periodically setting off my back. Jeri designed a modified program to work on the specific problem and I continue with that program today. I am down to 185 pounds with a goal of 175 pounds in sight. My back is better and I am continuing with the program. I see Jeri three times a week, and Nora once, and, since my weight loss has been proceeding so well, Julia ever other week [just to give me reality checks]. I can’t speak too highly of my team. I am not an easy case, and they have done a great job. Jeri has worked very hard to adjust my program as required and to deal with problems as they arise. I feel much better and have three new friends. I recommend them and Pro Fitness Network highly.
Don Proudfoot – Senior client reviewer

Over the years I’ve been a member of countless fitness centers in the Pasadena area. I’ve finally found the perfect match. I’ve been with Carina’s semi-personal training program for the past two years. I love it! Carina’s semi-personal training is personal, affordable and effective. If you miss a session, you hear about it the next time you come in. I’ve found that when Carina and the rest of the class are counting on you to be there, you don’t want to let them down. I don’t miss many workouts! Her style is compassionate and personal, but focused on the task at hand… getting you into shape. I recommend Carina, the Pro Fitness Network and all of the various services they provide to everyone I know!
Frank M., Pasadena – UrbanScooters.com

At age 50 I was faced with debilitating back pain from an injury, complicated by years of being overweight and out of shape. I started at Pro Fitness after reading about owner Carina Weston’s recovery from a serious neck injury. Within weeks the pain was gone and now I’ve lost 50 lbs. I’m in the best shape of my life. Carina’s energy and warm cheerfulness are infectious and make working out truly fun. The small group setting is very welcoming and supportive and allows her to give personal attention to everyone while charging a fraction of the cost of one to one training. The setting is clean and conveniently located in Pasadena. The equipment is professional and well maintained. There is a wide array of fitness services provided by Carina’s hand picked associates, including massage, Pilates, acupuncture, reflexology and nutritional counseling. Pro Fitness Network is the real deal, without the blasting music and hype.Thank you, Carina!
 – Steven V., Pasadena – Plan9WebDesign.com

“Carina has done more for me than help me to get my body back into shape. As an example she’s inspired me to stay strong, live my dreams and my truth, do my best, and most importantly to respect and take care of myself. She has done more for me than I had ever hoped from a personal trainer. Carina has quite an infectious spirit, and for that, I am thankful. For the last 2 years, I’ve attended our energy workouts,for more than mere physical gratification, but for the good energy!!
Lydia V., Glendale

In just two months of doing the Energy Workout at Pro Fitness Network, I can see remarkable changes in my strength and muscle tone. I also feel so much better and have more energy than I did before. I love the supportive environment and I feel that I am in very professional, capable hands with Carina.
Kerin Cantwell, Pasadena – KerinCantwell.com

Over the past 25 years I have been in more exercise programs in more cities (and 3 countries) than I care to remember. I have never felt stronger or more muscle toned than I do now, after a year with Carina. Maybe even more importantly I have never had as much fun, support or encouragement than I have at present with Carina and my fellow workout colleagues. As I prepare to move again I wonder how will I ever replace Pro Fitness Network.
Janet S., Pasadena

I have been working out with Carina for 5 1/2 years and she has become a “necessity” for me. Not only does she work with you to improve your well-being, health, and happiness, but she has become a great support group for me individually. There are those days where it is difficult to start the “motor running”; but once you get to the studio and see and hearing Carina’s smiling face and voice, you are motivated to put forth the effort to improve yourself. The concept of three-on-one working out is certainly a money-saver; but since there are others working out with you, you develop new friendships and make working out “fun”. One might even consider exercising at Pro Fitness as a therapy session. It is especially great to see Carina advancing from a sole personal trainer to developing a mini-business opportunity; that is to say, not only does she offer personal training but she has provided the wonderful atmosphere of connecting you to massage therapists, a Reflexologist, an Acupuncturist, other Personal Trainers, and Pilates instructors. Carina Weston has my vote for 5++ stars! She has helped me, at least, to slow down the aging process physically and mentally. Thank you, Carina, for all that you give to me to support me in my body and soul.
Manon H, Pasadena 

I have been at Pro Fitness for over a year and half never felt better, stronger and younger. I especially like working out where I feel comfortable with the other people; we usually have no more than four or five fun people who are all working on an individualized regime. My doctor was the first person to mention working out in a gym when she noticed that my bone density was not what she expected. I went on her recommendation and now I feel stronger and really look forward to the camaraderie and personalized program twice a week. Carina is very knowledgeable and, even though she expects a lot from us, we really go at the pace that is most comfortable for each of us.

I have been working out with Carina at Pro-Fitness for the last 4 ½ years. I started because I wanted to do more intense weight workouts, and just didn’t have enough self-motivation to do it on my own. I could tell the difference in my body within months! I am much stronger now, with low body fat and great muscle tone. The environment at Pro-Fitness is energizing and makes the workout more fun. The group supports and challenges one another. I have done several triathlons in the last year, taking on this new challenge at the age of 56. My ability to do this is a tribute to Carina and the fitness level I have achieved with her help.
Peggy, marathon runner